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Music Speaks to you

At Music Speaks, we are passionate about many things, including educating the healthcare field and general public about the benefits of music therapy that can result from the service of a board-certified music therapist.

You already know that music is generally a positive and beneficial addition to this world.  Find out how, when the elements of music are broken down, studied, and utilized with trained therapists in a specific manner, results can be multiplied.

Think of a CD player being an “over-the-counter” medication and music therapy being a prescription for a specific ailment.  Both can be beneficial, but each is made of a different substance, focused on a different outcome, and one is provided by a professional.

We provide in-services on a variety of topics, including:

Music Therapy in:

  • Hospice
  • Dementia care
  • Long-term care
  • Children with disabilities
  • Adults in rehabilitation
  • Children and adults with developmental disabilities
  • Hospital or acute care
  • Mental and behavioral health

Want to know more about music therapy?

Want to know what’s new and evolving in the healthcare field?

Want to provide a different and intriguing in-service for your staff or facility?

Find out how to make music your medicine.

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